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Video clips


Cable drum trailers

Cable-drum trailers with hydraulic drum jacks - KH 2600 [WMV] 11,0 MB
Cable-drum trailer type KH 130 MHT with hydraulically adjustable width [WMV] 27,0 MB
Cable-drum trailer type KT 100 with truck traction head [WMV] 13,0 MB
Cable-drum trailer KT 100 + KH 120 [WMV] 15,0 MB
Cable-drum trailer K 4000 [WMV] 7,0 MB
Cable-drum trailer with reel for PE pipe transport [WMV] 32,0 MB

Cabling winches

Cabling winch WL 540 C3 [MP4] 46,0 MB
Cabling winch E-WS 2030 C2P [WMV] 7,0 MB

Cable blowing-in systems

Maxicat     NEW! [MP4] 57,0 MB
Cable Booster [MP4] 48,0 MB
Fiberwheel - Laying of am FO-cable [WMV] 20,0 MB
Multi-duct and cable laying [WMV] 41,1 MB
Micro duct laying with Hydrocat [MP4] 109,0 MB
Hydrocat with Karussell [WMV] 49,6 MB
Hydrocat with Karussell [MP4] 84,5 MB
Minicat [MP4] 33,6 MB
Mini-Karussell [WMV] 15,0 MB
Microflow [WMV] 15,6 MB
Microflow [MP4] 41,7 MB

Cabling mole ploughs

Vibration cabling mole plough KV 12 with bulldozer Liebherr PR 724 [MP4] 72 MB
Vibration cabling mole plough KV 15 with bulldozer PR 732 [MP4] 47 MB

Press boring machine

Horizontal pressboring machine RPB 300 [WMV] 5,5 MB

Recoiling Installation

Recoiling Installation KUS 100 [WMV] 40,0 MB
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